30th Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

February 22-24, 2022  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2, hall 8

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Program - 2022. Spring


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Conference Room J // 22.02.2022
10:00–10:55 / Conference Room J
New approaches to specialist training for the optical industry.

Batrakova V.B. Head of the UMC for Medical Optics FUMO 31.00.00 Clinical Medicine, President of the IPO SOMOO, Competence Manager of Worldskills Russia

11:00–11:55 / Conference Room J
B.I.G. Vision for all. Новое портфолио очковых линз

Belkin A. V., Senior Development Manager, Rodenstock Rus

12:00–12:55 / Conference Room J
Secrets of successfully recommending high-tech lenses to buyers of all ages

Bulgakova O. S., medical consultant of Essilor Academy Russia, ophthalmologist

13:00–13:55 / Conference Room J
Myopia control. Individual OrthoTool orthokeratology lenses. Esencia soft contact lenses."

Khasanov A. I., ophthalmologist, head of the laboratory for the production of contact lenses "Precision Optics", Shurbaeva D. M., ophthalmologist

14:00–14:55 / Conference Room J
Results of two years of international clinical trials of Stellest spectacle lenses in the control of myopia. Practical experience of application

Shekunova E. A., medical consultant of Essilor Academy Russia, ophthalmologist

15:00–15:55 / Conference Room J
Photochromic lenses Colormatic 3 from Rodenstock

Kulikova M. A., professional consultant of "Rodenstock Rus"

16:00–16:55 / Conference Room J
Just about the complex: correct adjustment of the process of activating and cleaning the surface of the lenses before applying a hard coating

Breton F., Doctor, R&D Manager of FBOptics (Kazan), PhD in Organic Chemistry, Claude Bernard University, Lyon (France).

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Conference Room H // 22.02.2022
11:00–15:00 / Conference Room H
Menicon. 70 years of expertise in vision correction. Practical solutions for the development of optics

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Conference Room K // 22.02.2022
11:00–11:55 / Conference Room K
Fullerene lenses a new look at eye protection

Filippova A. V., Executive Director for Sales and Marketing, Mursalimova A. S., National Training Manager.

12:00–12:55 / Conference Room K
Seminar of the company "Lenses Hoya Rus". Method of control of myopia with lenses for glasses MiYOSMART

Dyadina U. V., ophthalmologist, Ph.D., head of professional activities of "Lenses Hoya Rus"

13:00–13:55 / Conference Room K
Practical experience in the use of the method of control of myopia lenses for glasses MiYOSMART

Parfenova N. P., ophthalmologist, Ph.D., FIACLE, Director of the "Clinic of Healthy Vision"

14:00–14:55 / Conference Room K
ITigris - innovations in optics control

Nikolaev N. Yu., Head of Sales Department of "ITigris"

15:00–15:55 / Conference Room K
Five key steps in opening a new optics salon

Shcherbakova O. V., founder of the brand "Oliver Wood", head of the network of salons "Visio"

16:00–16:55 / Conference Room K
The Mystery of the Sturm Conoid and the Selection of the Cylinder

Shevich I. A., Director of the Institute for Advanced Training and Professional Retraining "Opti-Class""

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