Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

February 16-18, 2021  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 2, hall 8

We make glasses with you for twenty years. Helping to see the world and look better.

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Hall 8


Formation of new services in OPTICS - master-class Chubaev Alexander company OPTIСMASTER

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Address: 196070, Saint-Petersburg, Pobedy St., 11, a/m 47

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The OPTIСMASTER company is founded on October 8, 1999 in St. Petersburg, works at the optical market of the Russian Federation, Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan.

CJSC OPTIСMASTER - is the leader in wholesale of expendables, tools, devices, devices and machines for diagnostics of sight, production, repair of points and painting of polymeric lenses, accessories for care of points. Official distributor of world manufacturers of GFC (Italy), 3M Russia (USA), BPI (USA), PHANTOM, USA), DAC VISION (USA) and others, a Manufacturer of products for optical workshops under its own brand OPTICMASTER, has registered trademarks and inventions.

Monitors the emergence of new scientific and technical developments, innovative products and actively introducing them to be at the forefront of modern optical technologies. Delivers the production in assortment more than 1000 names on a systematic basis approximately in 10000 workshops. "OPTICMASTER" is a regular participant of international and domestic exhibitions and forums. In order to provide consulting services for specialists in the field of optical business on the basis of its own developments and methods, on October 27, 2006, a subsidiary company "OPTIK EXPERT"was opened. Actively participates in the formation of the Russian optical business, being a member of the coordination Council of the Optical Association of Russia. Supplying new technologies and means of production, training and consulting specialists, helps opticians to produce any individual glasses qualitatively and with a guarantee, which means that it helps people "to see the world and look better in it".

ZAO "OPTIMASTER" is a high quality product, good buy and an excellent cooperation.

WE can provide full equipment of the optical workshop
WE can send your specialists for training
We can supply consumables and accessories
We work in the middle and high price range, so we guarantee quality.

We have formed a base of about 1000 Jurassic.we also put persons and work with new clients on the first place that You could offer high-quality service and goods to the buyers.

The OPTIСMASTER company is always ready to help clients with the solution of non-standard situations:

1) complex equipment of optical workshop;
2) training and consulting (assistance in licensing);
3) assistance in service and sale of used equipment (program " Pawnshop»);
4) flexible price policy and system of payment by installments;
5) personal Manager.


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