Moscow International Optical Fair (MIOF)

September 12-14, 2020  /  CROCUS EXPO  /  Pavilion 3, hall 15


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Hall 8

Collection of exclusive optics from Grigory Leps.

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Address: 123001, Moscow, Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya, 14/16

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In the spring of 2012, the singer opened the show room Leps Optics in Moscow, which will be sold pince-nez, eyeglasses and sunglasses own design. Grigory Leps started not only to go into the details of optical engineering, but also to establish channels to promote its own products. Before to open his own Pro shop, Leps have more than 10 years trying to optical products from different angles. Gregory has for points the tender feelings of his collection of over 400 pairs, among which there are Italian, Japanese and American models. And the glasses were his trademark as a performer. There is a stereotype that Leps only wears round glasses, really square, and rims other forms. The singer organized the firm LEPS OPTICS and attracted as partners the Italian company Atmosphera Srl. "we just sold the Italian brands of glasses in Russia through distributors". The partnership with the Leps is interesting because it gives you the opportunity to participate in product development and bring our Italian vision on the Russian market. Besides, I have a Russian wife and Russian market very close to me" - admitted the head of VM Atmosphera Srl Pierluigi Martino. Creative cooperation brought the first five models-named after historical and fictional characters associated with the enhancement: the Czechs, Stanislavsky, Dracula, Beriya, kitty. The collection was produced in Italy, produced in limited – no more than 400 units - quantities and sold mainly to fans at the concerts of Leps. However, the product quickly gained popularity that in order to meet the demand Leps Optics had in the first year to add another 500 pince-nez. And Leps are thinking about expanding the product line. The singer has launched her own brand of sunglasses. First, and most beloved by the author, is the model BY LEPS LEPS. Behind her, there were other models, named after the song hits the Leps Waterfall, Labyrinth, London, Babylon, etc. Now in this line for more than 30 models of sunglasses, and Leps, together with the Italian partners is already developing medical eyeglasses. "Leps himself participates and supervises all stages of model development. His idea is to create a real Russian optical brand" - the General Director Leps-Optics Khasuyev S. S. Points from Leps can be found in over 100 stores across Russia, and the sales volume reaches several thousand pairs a year. Plans Leps-Optics to sell products not only in Russia but also in Germany, Belgium, the UK and in the countries of the Customs Union.Admittedly, Grigory Leps became the first representative of the Russian show-business, which gives its optical enterprise scale, covering the entire production process - from design to retail. All previous "raids" celebrity on the fashion optical market was more of a fashion or experimental.